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Sponsored by
Hesch Institute - Jerry Hesch, MHS, PT
1609 Silver Slipper Ave Henderson, NV 89002

Email: heschinstitute@yahoo.com

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In this day of health care reform and shorter times spent with patients, there is a need for a tool that readily communicates the full extent of the patient’s symptoms to the doctor or health care practitioner. The traditional pain drawing is a 2-dimensional drawing. However, some types of pain simply cannot be communicated adequately on a traditional 2-D pain drawing. The Hesch 3-D Pain Drawing is a visual tool that clearly communicates pain and abnormal sensations that are felt deep within the body, which is more accurately represented than can be achieved in 2-D images. The use of both; 2-D, and 3-D images is ideal in empowering the person to give an accurate picture of their symptoms. This is also true for x-rays. A single x-ray cannot pin point the location of the pathology, because it does not show depth. A second x-ray is mandatory, and is taken at a 90 degree angle to the first x-ray. This 3-D Pain drawing functions the same way. The doctor or medical practitioner can quickly and easily see the location of pain that is superficial such as on the skin, and at the same time can also see pain that is deeper.  This tool was developed by someone whose pain went undiagnosed for 31 years, yet this tool easily assisted with the ultimate diagnosis, by showing the deep pathway of the pain and dysaesthesia (unusual sensation).  It is hoped that this tool will assist you in quickly and efficiently accessing appropriate health care.

Here's a Video Demo on How it Works


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